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[cdn-nucl-l] NPD Historical Plaque

Title: NPD Historical Plaque

The Canadian Nuclear Society, in conjunction with the Ontario Heritage Foundation, will be unveiling a roadside historical plaque at the NPD (Nuclear Power Demonstration) site, on 2002 June 1.  The plaque honours the first generation of nuclear electricity in Canada (on June 4, 1962), also marking its 40th anniversary in 2002.  All interested persons are invited to the ceremony, as well as to a retrospective seminar the night before (May 31) in Deep River, hosted by the Chalk River Branch of the CNS, and featuring original NPD Operations Manager (and later, OH Vice-President) Lorne McConnell as guest speaker.

The plaque is co-sponsored by the CNS and OHF, and is an good example of the CNS' efforts to promote communication on Canadian science & technology, past, present and future.

A page has been created (in English and French) on the CNS website (www.cns-snc-ca), accessed by a hot button on the front menu, which will be show the latest information on the plans for the unveiling ceremony as they are finalized.  Background information on NPD is also linked from the page, including the briefing essay submitted to the OHF on the subject, plus a 1962 article from Nuclear Engineering International and 1962 AECL brochure in French (linked from the French page) -- two excellent technical overview documents (thanks to Morgan Brown for making these available, assisted by Ben Rouben).

Jeremy Whitlock