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The Orion Center for years served the scholarly community by providing an electronic forum for discussing the Dead Sea Scrolls and related topics. Regrettably, the discussion aspect of this Orion e-list was discontinued at the end of 2002, “due to a reshaping of the Orion Center and redistribution of center staff.”


The current e-list is intended to fill the void left by the changes in the Orion e-list. It is a forum for the scholarly discussion of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Qumran archaeology. Announcements of interest to participants (upcoming conferences, job postings, new resources) are welcome.


Strict measures will be taken to ensure the viability and relevance of this e-list.
The list membership will be restricted; those wishing to participate in the discussion must apply to the moderators for admission.
In this way, discussion will be maintained at a level appropriate for its intended audience, Dead Sea Scrolls professionals. Novices will be redirected to venues that are more suitable for their questions, and inappropriate messages will be bounced back to their originators, thereby shielding the participants from unwanted “noise”.


This is an academic group open to those involved in the scholarly study of the Dead Sea Scrolls. An advanced degree in a related field is expected, as is knowledge of Hebrew and Aramaic. Exceptions may be made, at the discretion of the moderators. Some care will be taken to ensure only serious professionals are admitted. Therefore to join, please send an email to g-megillot-admin@mailman.mcmaster.ca describing your qualifications for membership, for example: your name, degrees, institutional affiliation, position, relevant recent publications, language facility, relevant professional memberships, and research interests. If it is easier, you could attach your CV. (On the other hand, if you are sufficiently well known, your name may be enough!)


Participants may compose messages in English, Hebrew, German, or French, but remember that messages written in the moderators’ native language will probably be approved more quickly! A translation may be appended, if desired.
Note also that non-Latin scripts (e.g., Hebrew) may not display correctly on all participants’ screens. As users upgrade their computers to systems with Unicode compatibility, this will become less of a problem. In the meantime, Hebrew and Aramaic should ideally be cited in Unicode encoding AND in a commonly known transliteration scheme, such as Beta code, in which the alphabet would be )BGDHWZX+YKLMNS(PCQR&$T. Do NOT use fonts (e.g., SuperHebrew or SPTiberian) that other participants may not have; use transliteration instead.

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